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  • Experience: More than 10 years in technical writing, editing, and marketing communications at such companies as EMC Isilon, Likewise Software, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Microsoft. More than 6 years as an editor at such daily newspapers as American Banker and The Hartford Courant.
  • Education: Master's degree in Linguistics.
  • Knowledge: Information security, compliance, storage, big data, search, data governance, analytics, content analysis, content management, computational linguistics, publishing, cloud computing.
  • Previous projects: Wrote and edited technical white papers, web pages, and fact sheets as the lead technical marketing writer at Likewise Software. Engineered content and metadata for search engine optimization at Likewise and Reed Business Information. Wrote position papers at Verizon Wireless.
  • Languages: XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, CSS, HTML, PHP.
  • Tools: XMetaL, FrameMaker, Dreamweaver, XMLSpy, Visio, MS Office, InDesign.
  • XML applications: DITA, DocBook, NewsML, Dublin Core, PRISM, TEI, MAML.
  • Content management systems: Documentum, Mark Logic, Vignette, DocStudio, SDL.
  • Technologies: Linux, Apache HTTP Server, REST, Apache FOP, XQuery, MySQL, SQL Server, Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos, SMB, NFS, NAS, Hadoop.
  • Keywords: Editorial consulting, editorial training, search engine optimization (SEO), technical editing, information architecture, data standards, continuous publishing, marcom, white papers.
  • Publications: Writing published in XML Journal, The Hartford Courant, and the Chicago Tribune.


Senior Technical White Paper Writer, EMC Isilon

EMC Isilon makes a scale-out NAS platform that combines distributed software with modular hardware to store big data. March 2012 to present:
  • Wrote technical white papers.
  • Wrote best practices guides.
  • Edited technical documentation; performed developmental editing, substantive editing, and copy editing.
Accomplishments: Wrote a white paper on multiprotocol data access with a unified security model that ranks No. 1 on Google for the paper's target search terms.

Principal Technical Marketing Writer and Technical Editor, Likewise Software

Likewise Software develops enterprise software for cross-platform interoperability at the intersection of storage, identity, compliance, and security. Likewise was acquired by EMC. June 2007 to March 2012:
  • Wrote and edited technical white papers.
  • Served as principal technical marketing writer and SEO copywriter.
  • Edited all technical documents and marketing content; performed developmental editing, substantive editing, and copy editing.
  • Developed a highly successful SEO program; engineered content and metadata for SEO.
  • Wrote book-length guides to help IT pros manage Linux, Unix, and Mac systems with Active Directory.
  • Put in place a fully automated editorial production system with DocBook, XSLT, XSL-FO, HTML Help Workshop, and Apache FOP to publish documentation from a single XML source to four formats: PDF, compiled help, single-file HTML, and a web site with more than 300 pages.
  • Provided leadership and decision making for marketing communications, technical documentation, content modeling, editing, production, automation, and search engine optimization.
Accomplishments: Designed and implemented a complete standards-based system that efficiently linked components for structured authoring, single sourcing, automated production, SEO, and continuous publishing.

Technical Writer, Microsoft

User Assistance, Macintosh Business Unit and Windows Enterprise Management Division (Contractor with Sakson & Taylor.) May 2006 to May 2007:
Accomplishments: Wrote the core topics for Office for Mac. They contain conditional content and appear in all the applications.

Data Standards Manager (XML Specialist), Reed Business Information

Content Management Center of Excellence, Reed Business Information. A major international publisher, Reed publishes print and online magazines such as Variety and Publisher's Weekly. March 2005 through January 2006:
  • Wrote design proposals and standards for an XML content management system.
  • Engineered XML and HTML content and metadata for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Managed a custom DTD that defined the metadata, structure, and semantics of magazine articles.
  • Evaluated content management systems, classification systems, and taxonomies for XML content.
  • Steered decision making on the enterprise-wide use of XML applications, content management systems, taxonomies, and search engine optimization.
Accomplishments: Helped engineer and test a content management system. Designed a process and architecture for managing taxonomies and classifying XML content.

Technical Writer, Verizon Wireless

Commercial Data Systems unit of Verizon Wireless. (Consultant with Conversion Services International.) November 2000 through November 2004:
  • Wrote position papers, manuals, and engineering standards for customer-facing systems that provided mobile data services, such as text messaging.
  • Developed content models, document type definitions, XSLT stylesheets, and web sites.
Accomplishments: Implemented an XML authoring and single-sourcing system with DITA and XMetaL to automate production and reuse content. Built an intranet site that gave engineers rapid access to hundreds of key documents, cutting the time to resolve system problems.

XML Document Engineer, FPML

FPML is the Financial Products Markup Language, an XML standard for processing derivatives. (Part-time consultant with Essential Data Services.) 2001:
  • Created a DTD for structuring the FPML standard in XML.
  • Wrote XSLT stylesheets for publishing the standard.

Process Manager, Concert

Concert was the global venture between AT&T and British Telecom. (Recruited in house from AT&T.) 2000:
  • Wrote manuals on how to provide global IP services to corporate customers.
  • Engineered processes for delivering IP services.

Content Author, AT&T

AT&T Managed Internet Service (consultant). 1999:
  • Wrote guides on how to set up Internet and telecommunication services for corporate clients.
  • Managed the unit's web site.
Accomplishments: Redesigned the unit's intranet site to help engineers find documents, resulting in faster delivery of services to customers. Selected to work at Concert based on merit.

Copy Editor, The Hartford Courant

Hartford, Conn. (daily circulation: 235,000). 1990-1993:
  • Managed the editing and layout of two editions daily, including the local section's front page.
  • Edited news and features; wrote headlines and captions.
  • Wrote macros for processing text and SGML.
Accomplishment: Helped launch a new edition.

Copy Editor, American Banker

New York, N.Y. (daily national circulation: about 14,500). 1994:
  • Edited news and feature articles, wrote headlines and captions.
  • Laid out and paginated the newspaper, including the front page.

Copy Editor, The Salem Evening News

Salem, Mass. (daily circulation: 32,000). 1988-1990:
  • Designed and edited the front page.
  • Rewrote news stories.

Freelance Editor for Newspapers, Magazines, and Books

  • New York Daily News (daily circulation: more than 725,000; the sixth largest U.S. newspaper).
  • Willamette Week newspaper, Portland, Ore. (weekly circulation: about 75,000).
  • New Age Journal magazine, Boston, Mass. (bimonthly national circulation: 200,000).
  • Michael Friedman Publishing Group, New York, N.Y.
  • Royal Media Group, New York, N.Y. 1995-1998.


Master's Degree: Linguistics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York.
Postgraduate work in the Ph.D. Program in Linguistics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York. Additional postgraduate work in philosophy, sociology, psychology, and cognitive science.
Bachelor's Degree: University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. Major: philosophy; minor: economics. Activity: Editorial Page Editor of the Oregon Daily Emerald.


External Link Icon XML Journal. Wrote seven columns on structuring documents with XML.
Link Icon American Encyclopedia of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. As a major contributor, I wrote on the same topics for both volumes. The encyclopedia, published by M.E. Sharpe, won the Choice Outstanding Academic Book Award in 1997.
Icon Max Weber's View of Objectivity in Social Science. In 2003, Encyclopaedia Britannica named this essay best of the web for social science. The essay was also cited by Robert D. Putnam, a professor of public policy at Harvard University, in his presidential address to the American Political Science Association at the 2002 APSA annual meeting.
Icon Interpretation and Indeterminacy in Discourse Analysis. Cited by the Wikipedia entry on Indeterminacy (philosophy).
Icon Topical Structure Analysis of Accomplished English Prose.
Icon Willamette Week. A book review of Read All About It: The Corporate Takeover of America's Newspapers.
Icon Snow Country magazine. An article titled Great Ski Bum Jobs.
Icon The Hartford Courant. A travel article on Portland, Oregon.
Link Icon Chicago Tribune. A travel article titled Bargain Trips: See The Country By Car And Save In A Drive-away.
Document Icon Monitoring Unstructured Data, a white paper published by Likewise Software.
Document Icon Auditing Unstructured Data, a white paper published by Likewise Software.
External Link Icon EMC Isilon Multiprotocol Data Access with a Unified Security Model, a white paper published by EMC Isilon.